Client needs solutions, not services

Client doesn’t hire a service; client hires a solution to his problem. First of all try to recognize the problem, try to understand client’s pain points. Before selling the service you should assess his situation. If you don’t know much about the problem than simply ask your client. If the client is really struggling he will be happy to share the problem.

There is a lot of difference between the solution and the service. Suppose if your client asked you to make one e-commerce website and to do digital marketing or SEO of the website so that it can appear on the top on searching. You started working on the same. You made titles like about us, our services and all other required titles. Client wanted this website to boost his business. But business was same like before, no changes at all and no more profit in monetary terms. Because you just made the website and did no SEO or digital marketing. So problem remains the same. Client asked about the promise which was made by you that it will rank at the top. So service was given from your end but solution was not given that how to make business more popular with the help of website.  By this example it is quite clear that what the difference between the two is.

Now the question arises that how to give a solution, as it is already discussed that try to understand the problem.  Know the situation and be trust worthy as you know that the world runs on the trust so try to earn trust of the client. Be honest and try to deliver what you have promised. Be transparent about your products and services. Always try to deliver the services and the product on or before the dead line. In the above example client was not satisfied with the service because he did not get the solution, he wanted a website to grow his business. In this case you could have suggested him to pay some extra amount so that one digital marketing expert can be hired. If the proper solution was suggested to him, there were chances that he could give your reference to his friends and relatives also. So it is very necessary to give proper service.

It’s always good to give your ideas freely to the client. If client finds it good he will accept it otherwise rejects it. But make sure whatever idea you give, it should have real value with action. Your idea should have a good solution and it should be cost effective or in client’s budget. If possible try to add unexpected value. In this you don’t have to give them anything huge. It can be extra resources while doing research in marketing, if you are in marketing, it can be any extra service which is useful for the client. In return you can retain your client in long run. So giving good solution to the client pays off. Because people will remember that how you helped them to get their solution and made them feel with the right solution on right time. 

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