Why does a brand need a logo suite?

Logo and logo suite both look quite similar to each other but it is very necessary to know the basic concept of both and the major points.  Logo can be defined as a symbol or any small design which can be used by an organization to identify it’s products, services etc whereas logo suite includes all the different arrangements for your logo which is the need of your business, of your brand. It has various sections which divide your files for digital and other purposes.  It has colour variations folder which includes the colour options available. Infact you can call a logo suite a set of logo in different sizes.

 For a brand it is necessary that your logo should be flexible that’s the reason behind importance of logo suite. Basically a logo suite is a logo tool kit. Logo suite itself adds value, because a client can use it for the different purposes and for different requirements.  Logos are used in many places, you can take example of bill boards, banners which are large applications and logo is the main focus there. So combination marks are the best in such type of cases. There are some other applications like T-shirt printing or posters printing, for this type of vertical applications combination stacks are the best.

Similarly wordmarks are best for longer, small applications of website navigation bars or signoffs because here icon is used everywhere on the same touchpoint. Stacked wordmarks are best for taller applications like vertical bill boards or standees, here also icon is used everywhere on the same touch point. Logo icons are best for social media profile pictures.  By this you can get idea that a good logo must be expandable and flexible so that it allows your brand to work in different settings whether in broad formats, long formats, in box, in curve, in circle, with any word mark and so on.

Before you design any logo it is important to know where it will be used. The particular locations are important where it’s going to be used and after deciding all the things you can apply various rules to your logo design. It’s always better to have options to showcase your logo, different versions for different places. Every platform requires something different and with the help of logo suite you can make it happen for your brand. 

Logo suite makes your logo easy to fit everywhere, as per the space and location. It increases definitely the flexibility of the brand efficiently. Logo is face of your brand so always try to make it easier to understand. And through this, your logo will fit with whatever environment you are working on, with the help of logo suite you don’t need to fit a square box into a round hole. Logo suite is all your client needs to fulfill their requirement on various platform.

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