What is a perfect Instagram post?

The thing is this that perfect post doesn’t exist. But if you want your post to reach numerous people, then make sure the content should be optimized. Millions of photos and videos are shared on instagram daily. If you post a photo that means you are competing with these millions of photos.  The more likes and comment you get on your post, the higher they will appear in the news feed. If you want to get the most engagement, traffic on your post then you need to optimize your post for perfection before publishing. Here are some of the things I have written to make post perfect to some extent.

Before creating a post it is necessary to choose a goal. You should decide what you want to achieve i.e., increase traffic, generate sales or get engagement. If you have the goal in your mind it will be easy to create the image, writing the caption and adding all the essential elements to your post. And by this it will be easy to execute the post.

The most important part of the post is image as it occupies most of the space.  Instagram is visual network, most of the users are visual learners, and hence they are drawn to the image first. So it is most important to create the right image. The image which you choose should depend on the goal. The image should describe the post, because by this you will be able to drive traffic to your post.

The image does the job of attracting audience and spreading the initial message across. And the role of caption is very crucial in describing the image. If there are some text on the image then it is very important to include some description. You can continue from the part where image leaves off. Every time you take another step the goal should be clear in mind. While writing the caption it is necessary to keep the goal in mind. Goals are different for different person and for different post. If you want traffic then describe the page and tell the benefits of visiting the page. If you want likes then ask for it and if you want comment then ask any question. Try to add some emojis and fun loving things that contain more interactions.

After describing everything about the post just make sure that you have added plenty of hashtags to the posts, because a post with plenty of hashtags gets more attention. If you are sharing something more popular then you can use frequently used hashtags. After that you can tag location if necessary as it will be helpful in attracting local and the targeted area audience.

Timing plays a vital and crucial role in crafting a near to perfect Instagram post. If it is scheduled at your best time it helps you in gaining the greatest result of your post. There is one tool called Instagram analytics, you can use this tool to find the perfect time to publish your post. Every single thing from image to caption and hashtags should be impeccable. As no post is perfect but by implementing ample of things, you can craft a near to perfect post.

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