When to Rebrand and when to Reskin?

Does your company need a brand reskin or rebrand? How to know that? And it may be very difficult to know when exactly the best course of action should be taken.

Timing of rebrand and reskin varies from company to company and business to business. It depends on the need of the company that to how much extent rebranding or small changes are required.

Need of the rebranding occurs when we want to establish new brand identity or may be changing company’s identity. Reskin is required when company has good brand image but it is not updated since long time so very small changes are required to make it more remarkable and attractive. It is most important to know the need of the hour and difference between these two rebrand and reskin.

Although it is very necessary to keep track on the new trends, if company is already well established and has good repo in the market then rebranding can be scary in that case, so here one can consider reskin.  Burger king the multinational fast food chain ditched its classic logo and came up with the new one. However the changes were not that much, the company removed the blue swish line and did little bit changes in the font in its new logo and adopted the brand reskin.

Another example we can take is of Weight Watchers, the company is no longer a weight loss brand but has changed its moniker to WW which is now a wellness brand. So in this case company has changed its perception in the market, so rebranding was required. There are so many examples in the market like General Motors who reskinned itself whereas recently the company who rebranded itself is Meta.

Most of the professionals believe that rebranding requires a proper rebrand strategy for your company through which you can retain your ideal customers. However it can be a costly initiative because it will require lots of time and research.  If rebrand is done for the wrong reasons or without proper planning it can damage your business and can take away your potential customers. Reskin can be a better option in such scenarios where you just need to refine your uniformity for better reach. Although you can connect to your audience but an update can be used for attracting more customers or consumers in the form of brand reskin.

A refresh is sometimes all a brand needs to change their perception and it helps in bringing their business on track. All you need to do is diagnose the problem effectively; you should know when to do small changes and when to change a brand fully. If your brand is not connecting with the target audience, then it’s time to change it. The thing is to make the right decision to take your business to the next level. The concept helps to grow the business enormously. Growth factor of any brand depends on time to time maintenance of the brand.

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